Planets Observation


Observer and editor: Thilina Thilakaratne

Ring Nebula

Observer: Jude Vijayanga, Randika Mendis, Thilina Thilakaratne

Editor: Thilina Thilakaratne

Learn the sky

from the beginning

Learn Astronomy

Jupiter and Ganymede shadow

Observer and editor: Thilina Thilakaratne 

Astro - Kids workshop 

Sky observation session 

Annular Solar Eclipse 26.12.2019

Ghost of Jupiter (NGC 3242)

Observer: Jude Vijayanga, Randika Mendis, Thilina Thilakaratne

Editor: Thilina Thilakaratne

Solar Observation

Solar prominence captured from "Coronado SolarMax II 60 Double Stack Solar Telescope"

About Institute of Astronomy

IOAS is the pioneer Astronomical institute in Sri Lanka with professional and amateur astronomers from all over the world, who are active in astronomical research, education and outreach in astronomy.  It is one of the highly recognized astronomical organizations in the south Asian region. Mission of the IOAS is to promote astronomy in all its aspects (including research, communication, education and development) through national and international cooperation. IOAS was founded in 2018, functioned under S & T Group established in 2002.

It main focuses the advancement of the field of astronomy in terms of both stimulating and disseminating astronomical knowledge among youngsters, on providing the training and resources necessary to use astronomy to stimulate teaching and education from elementary to high school level, training young astronomers at university level, and producing the next generation of astronomers. Among the tasks of the IOAS are: promoting educational activities in astronomy; and hosting informal discussions on the possibilities for future international facilities, working to promote astronomical research, education, and public outreach, as well as using astronomy for development.


Courses/ Activities

  • Astronomy Certificate courses and workshops
  • December school for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Standard professional night sky observation camps, and Astronomical Workshops and Training Programmes in schools, teacher training colleges, Universities and Institutes.
  • “A holiday with stars” Enthusiastic Stargazing events for guests in hotels and resorts.
  • “White Dwarf” Night-time Adventure activities engaged with Astronomy
  • School for Astrophotography

Online Courses - 2021

Astronomy Online Short Course

AO 01 - Observational Astronomy

AO 02 - Telescopes

AO 03 - Solar System & Earth Science

AO 04 - Space Exploration

AO 05 - Astrobiology

AO 06 - Stellar Evolution & Blackholes

Primary Online Courses

PO 01 -  Observational Astronomy

PO 02 - Solar System & Earth Science

AO 03 - Space Exploration

AO 04 - Alien Life & UFOs

AO 05 - Fate of Stars & Blackholes


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