Junior Certificate Course in Astronomy (English Medium)

Volume : 50
Rs. 15,000.00

Duration: 3 months

Starting date: 8th March 2020

Medium: English  

Date and time: Every Sunday 01.00 am to 05.00 pm 

Payment option: Clients who willing to pay from our office can pay course fee 5000 LKR per monthly basis. 

 Junior Certificate Course in Astronomy

ASTR 310-General Astronomy,  2 weeks, 4hr per week
•    This unit discusses more details about, different aspects about the sun; solar structure and solar surface activities, magnetic field of the sun, solar neutrinos and solar wind, planetary behavior- precession, liberation, sidereal and synodic periods and retrograde motions of solar system planets along with planetary configurations (elongation, conjunction, opposition, quadrature) and phenomena (tides, seasons, eclipses, aurorae, meteor showers).

ASTR 311- Basic Astrophysics I, 2 weeks and 4hr per week
•    Newton’s Laws of Gravitation, Kepler’s Laws for circular, 
•    Trigonometric parallax, Luminosity and Distance modules, Flux, Intensity and Doppler shift

ASTR 320 & 321-Telescopes, Observation and Times, 2 weeks, 4hr per week
•     Developing a solid observational understanding of the night sky,

•     Types of telescopes- setting up and aligning

•     Identification of constellation asterisms, zodiac and coordination systems

•     Use of star maps, mobile apps and computer software

•    Solar Observation with Coronado Solar MAX II 60 mm double stack solar telescope (Finest solar telescope in Sri Lanka)

ASTR 330- Cosmology I, 2 weeks 4hr per week
•    This course strongly focus on the history of cosmology

•     Newton and Einstein universe

•     Hubble law

•     big bang theory

•     redshift

ASTR 331-Solar System and Earth Science, Sun and Stellar evolution  3 weeks, 4hr per week

•    Introduction to Solar system, origin and formation
•    Inner planets and asteroid belt

•    Outer planets and Kuiper belt, Oort Cloud, comets

•    Sun and it's activities

•    Stellar evolution

ASTR 340-Space Exploration, 1 week, 4hr per week
•    Introduction for launching vehicles and the history of rockets
•    Parts of a rockets
•    Orbits, Lagrangian point
•    Important mission details
•    Apollo 11 mission and Mars mission
•    Future missions Europa
•    Space station & mission control centres