Astronomy School - Beginner Level (English Medium)

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            Astronomy School - Beginner Level (English Medium)

-Inclass Program-

Age Group : From 11 years and above

Duration : 3 Days 


Friday, 9th of June 2023

Saturday, 10th of June 2023

Sunday, 11th of June 2023

Medium : English Medium

Time : 01.00pm - 04.00pm (3 hours)

Location : Institute of Astronomy

Registration Deadline : 7th of June 2023

Time Table and the Content

DAY 1 (09.06.2023 Friday) - Solar System

A study of the Sun and its solar system: planets, satellites, meteors, comets, asteroids; Theories about the structure and origin of the solar system, with emphasis on recent discoveries.

DAY 2 (10.06.2023 Saturday) - Practical Astronomy

This unit strongly focuses on developing a solid observational understanding of the night sky and how it changes throughout the year. This will also cover the study of different types of telescopes, setting up and aligning telescopes, choosing observing locations and planning observing sessions. Identification of constellation, history of constellation, asterisms, zodiac, and coordination systems are covered by this unit. Use of star maps, mobile apps Eg; Stellarium and computer software also included.

A Solar Observation session also will conducted. Students are able to see Sunspots in the surface of the sun, Solar prominences in the solar atmosphere, Solar active regions and many solar activities. 

DAY 3 (11.06.2023 Sunday) - Universe

Introduction to Big bang, timeline of Big bang, fundamental particles, fundamental forces, first population stars,star clusters, the dawn of Galaxies,types of Galaxies, structure & the fate of the Universe.

⁂12 hours Night Sky Observation camp - Dates will be informed

Study materials will be provided

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