Solar Observation Camp - English Medium (11.02.2023)

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Solar Observation Camp

 "SUN" is the nearest star to us. Observing and learning about the sun is important for understanding the behavior of stars. This is the greatest opportunity to observe the sun from the best available instruments and the safest for solar observation in Sri Lanka. Students are able to see Sunspots in the surface of the sun, Solar prominences in the solar atmosphere, Solar active regions and many solar activities. Not every year is possible to observe solar activities because of the solar cycle. This year we can observe much more solar activities than in the past few years. Not only the observations, we are also providing opportunity to capture scientific data regarding the sun during this session. We all are welcome for this newly introduced program and only solar observation camp in south Asia region, any student can participate.

Date: 11.02.2023   (Date can be changed due to the sky condition) 

Time: 01.00 pm - 05.00 pm (4 hours)

Medium: English

Location: Institute of Astronomy (This is an in-class session)

Age : 10 years (Grade 5) and upward

  • 01.00 am - 01.30 am : Introduction lecture
  • 01.30 am - 02.15 am : White light and H Alpha observation and mapping solar activities
  • 02.15 am - 02.30 am : Break
  • 02.30 am - 03.30 am : Lecture - Sun
  • 03.30 am - 04.15 am : Lecture - Solar observation and imaging
  • 04.15 am - 04.30 am : Break
  • 04.30 am - 05.00 pm : Capturing solar images

Introducing price : 3500 LKR

Printed booklets were provided for all participants.

Things I need to bring: Book, pens and pencils, a water bottle, a cap or hat and an umbrella. 

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