Junior Astronomy Workshop - 2022 (Grade 6-9)

Category : Astrophysics Training Workshops
Rs. 3,500.00
This program mainly targets "Astrophysics". We provide a comprehensive teaching-learning experience with Q and A sessions for students. Selected areas in astronomy will be discussed and model questions will be discussed during this session. Medium is mainly in Sinhala. English medium explanations will be provided if students request. This is an online program conducted via "Zoom". Grade 6-9 students can participate in this program. 

Program syllabus. 

1) General astronomy and history (for MCQ - understanding of natural phenomena, Old models of the Solar System, Constellations, deep sky objects, brightest star list etc) 
2) Observational astronomy (Celestial  phenomena, Solar eclipse, Lunar eclipse) 
3) Solar system (Titius bode law, theories for how the moon, asteroid belt, rings of Saturn form, Why Pluto was named as a dwarf planet, what are dwarf planets, Orbital period of comets, Layers of the Sun)
4) Kepler's laws of planetary motion
5) Structures for Universe, Stellar evaluation basic theories, Hubble tuning fork diagram, HR diagram.

Date and Time : 
Sunday's 03.00 pm - 05.00 pm

Day 01 - 21st August 2022
Day 02 - 28th August 2022
Day 03 - 4th September 2022
Day 04 - 11th September 2022

We are only providing any two recordings out of four sessions. 

Registration deadline: 19th August 2022

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