Online Course - Space Exploration- August (English Medium)(OAE-04)

Rs. 3,500.00

Duration: 4 Saturdays - 4 Lectures - Total 8 hours

Dates : 07.08.2021, 14.08.2021, 21.08.2021, 28.08.2021

Time : 04.00 pm - 06.30 pm


Registration deadline - 1st of August 2021

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·        Day 1 -  Rockets before 1957, What is a rocket and parts of a rocket, Newtons laws for motion, Difference between aircraft engines and rocket engines, Types of rocket, Rocket engine classification, propulsion, Mass ratio, Process of launching a satellite, What is a satellite.


·        Day 2 -  1957 to present, Manned missions, Apollo 11 mission 

·        Day 3 -  Previous space stations, International Space Stations, 

      Deep space missions, Orbits, Satellite communications, Navigation of a satellite, Ground stations, GPS, weather satellites, GIS, Cubesats.

·        Day 4 -  Mars exploration, Future missions, Space x, Starlink

      Orion, dragon capsules, Space launch system, falcon rockets 

      Other rising companies/projects, Advantages from space explorations.

·        Lectures are conducted by experienced professionals of the Institute of Astronomy Sri Lanka, trained under Homi Bhabha center for science education India

·        A valuable Certificate will be issued at the completion of the short course and the certificate will be posted within a week.

Suitable for anyone over 11 years old, willing to learn Astronomy from the beginning.